Promote Mission-Critical or Campaign-Driven Content

KnowledgeTree's recommendation engine ensures the best content for a given sales situation is automatically suggested as you navigate CRM records or compose an email.

But sometimes there's content you'd like to feature and promote to your entire team, to ensure visibility and usage while, say, a campaign is running. Or because it's relevant regardless of sales context (think internal company announcements, or the Magic Quadrant whitepaper you just purchased). Now you can easily feature assets, which bumps them to the top of the KnowledgeTree list for all users, and keeps them top of mind with your sellers.

Setting this up is as easy as a few clicks.

1. As an Asset Manager, in the KnowledgeTree Management Portal, click into an asset title from the All Assets tab. You will see an option to feature content.

2. If you go back to your All Assets tab, at a glance you can see which content is already featured by the noted star icon next to the content titles. To find these, you can also filter for featured content.

3. In Salesforce, your featured content will now show above all recommendations across all records to ensure that content is top of mind.

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