Insight into how content is affecting your sales pipeline is critical when reviewing your content marketing strategy. KnowledgeTree for Salesforce comes ready-made with a Content Insights Dashboard to help you understand how your company's overall content mix is performing.

While the Content Insights Dashboard provides a high level view of performance, Sales Reps and Sales Leaders need insight into how they're performing individually and team wide. As such, we've created two Dynamic Salesforce Dashboards that provide that insight.

"My Sales Insights" Dashboard

This Dashboard contains reports geared toward the Sales Rep's performance. Each Sales Rep can understand who their most engaged contacts are, which accounts are most active, and what content is driving that engagement. For example ...

"My Team's Sales Insights" Dashboard

This Dashboard contains performance reports for a Team. These are not Teams as we define them in KnowledgeTree. These Teams are grouped by Salesforce Role using the Salesforce hierarchy. In general, these reports provide an overview of how a Team is performing. In practice, if a Sales Leader wanted to see how their West Coast Sales Reps are performing, they would use this dashboard. Below are some examples reports.


Where can I find these new dashboards?

The new Sales Rep and Sales Team dashboards package can be found here.

Who should install this package?

Someone with the Systems Administrator profile in your Salesforce org should install it.

What are Dynamic Dashboards?

They're Salesforce Dashboards that run as the logged-in user and not as one specific user. Because they're run as the logged-in user (i.e. a Sales Rep), the generated reports can be tailored to that specific user and their permissions. Put simply, each Sales Rep or Sales Leader can see their own personalized performance report.

I've already installed KnowledgeTree for Salesforce. Why do I need to install a separate package for the Dynamic Dashboards?

Salesforce puts a cap on the number of Dynamic Dashboards allowed for an organization. Additionally, Group and Professional Editions don't support Dynamic Dashboards. Because of these restrictions, we created a separate package so our customers can choose whether or not to include our Dynamic Dashboards into their reporting suite.

Dashboard Caps:

  • Enterprise Edition: 5 Dynamic Dashboards
  • Unlimited Edition: 10 Dynamic Dashboards

How do these new dashboards affect my dashboard cap?

This reporting package will use 2 of your Dynamic Dashboard slots for your Salesforce org.

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