Get an Office Add-in for Outlook 2016 (or newer)


We know sales people spend most of their day in email. They don’t have time to switch contexts to a portal or yet another tool. So we built KnowledgeTree for Outlook with that workflow in mind. From any Outlook account (Web Access- Office 365 and Outlook Desktop 2016 +), you can access the content you need — putting hours per week back into core selling.

Install an add-in from the Office Store

1. In Outlook, click Home > Store on the ribbon.

2. On the Add-Ins for Outlook page, browse for the add-in you want by selecting All and scrolling through the list, or search for an add-in by using the Search box. You can search for "KnowledgeTree" directly. When you find the add-in, use the toggle controls to turn it on or off. 

Use an add-in for Outlook

The add-in that you have installed will automatically appear on your ribbon. For example, KnowledgeTree will appear on the ribbon right next to the Store button.

It may also appear on the Message tab when you're reading or composing an email.

Manage your add-ins

Select the Store button or the Manage add-ins button on your add-ins bar.

On the Office add-ins page, you can do the following:

  • Search for new add-ins.
  • Use the options on the toolbar to add more add-ins, uninstall an add-in, or refresh the page to see a list of the latest add-ins.
  • Turn an add-in on or off by sliding the toggle switch.
  • Select an add-in to see more information about it.

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